Thresh 🌾: A Unified, Customizable and Deployable Platform for Fine-Grained Text Evaluation   [Webpage] [GitHub] [Paper]
David Heineman, Yao Dou, Wei Xu
Preprint 08/2023

Dancing Between Success and Failure: Edit-level Simplification Evaluation using SALSA   [Demo] [GitHub] [Paper]
David Heineman, Yao Dou, Mounica Maddela, Wei Xu
Preprint 05/2023

Lens: A Learnable Evaluation Metric for Text Simplification   [Demo] [Rank and Rate ] [GitHub] [Paper]
Mounica Maddela*, Yao Dou*, David Heineman, Wei Xu
ACL 2023

Improving Large-scale Paraphrase Acquisition and Generation   [Webpage] [Paper]
Yao Dou, Chao Jiang, Wei Xu
EMNLP 2022

Is GPT-3 Text Indistinguishable from Human Text? Scarecrow 🎃: A Framework for Scrutinizing Machine Text   [Webpage] [Paper]
Yao Dou*, Maxwell Forbes*, Rik Koncel-Kedziorski, Noah A. Smith, Yejin Choi
ACL 2022

MultiTalk: A Highly-Branching Dialog Testbed for Diverse Conversations [Paper]
Yao Dou, Maxwell Forbes, Ari Holtzman, Yejin Choi
AAAI 2021